Masiha Bible Institute
Welcome to Masiha Bible Institute. It is training school run by Masiha World Mission. In this training school every people can take part with no discrimination in sex, racism, poor, rich etc. People who had interest in world of God are always welcomed in Masiha Bible Institute.

About our Theological Training:

Prior to sending, MBI which is part of Masiha World Mission will provide three month’s Cross- cultural Mission Training from MBI. Once they have completed the training, they will be sent to the different unreached areas of Nepal, India, Bhutan, Pakistan, Tibet and UAE through the partnership of their churches. It can be spread to whole world through internet by online teaching. They will be taught to be effective in both inter and cross-cultural church planting by using a holistic approach to transform the world in life and spirit.

Sunday School Teacher Training

Sunday School Teacher Training is conducted with the cooperation of many other churches with the aim to develop the local churches. We carried out the training in different places. This course is of one to four weeks. Then after graduation we hand over the trained student to same church for conducting more Sunday training to the interested. Our aim is to improve the basic of people living in the area of that church.

Discipleship Trainings

Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) aim is to prepare messengers of the Gospel, helping students to know God in depth. The goal is to form Christian character and establish Biblical relationships while developing a daily walk with God. This intensive Christian training course is of three months.
The DTS is designed to encourage students to develop in personal character, to cultivate a living relationship with God, and to identify their unique individual gifts and callings in God. Cross-cultural exposure and global awareness are special emphases throughout these courses, preparing the students to reach current and future generations and answer the call to “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations” Matthew 28:19.
This training is provided to age above 18. To take discipleship training they need to be able to read and write in their local language. Everybody can take part in this training with no discrimination in sex, racism.

Pastoral/ Leaders Training (Diploma in Theology)

When the student compete this one year and write a thesis then only he will be certified with graduation certificate.
A pastoral training is for both gents and ladies but ladies can have leadership training. In every Asian country we are conducting this program. This course is for only who are able to read and write in their language. He must be mature and age of above +25. After completing graduation MBI will sent them to mother church where they will be sent to field and after seeing his behaviors and his on field MWM will do ordination and will send him to work and do his service after ordination ceremony. Upto this a pastor need to be married.
Missionary Diploma in Ministry (6 months)
MDM diploma is a special course. MWM provides this to those people who had worked 5 years or more as pastors, elders, evangelist and leaders. This course is not for new one. This course can be taken by both male and female but they need to have at least 5 years experience. After completing this training MWM sent them to field. This field will be of different type. It is not such church planting it can include church planting, working in children, old age people etc. After seeing their vision MWM sent them to field.
Open Training Program
We are in such age where people don’t have time. So MWM go to their area take any space such as ordination hall, school and arrange training to discipleship training, leadership training etc through which they can save their time and can give service to the people. We trained them there and send to field so people of their area get benefited.

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