MWM has been working for many projects for poor ans suppressed people in Unreachable areas. we want to develop the people of the unreachable areas. The projects that we are working in are as follows:
Blind Children Project
MWM is taking care of blind children by providing them education, uniform, clothes, food and shelter. In South Asia people think that disability  is due to curse from God. So they locked their children inside their home and keep them far from society. We try to bring them all in one place with the co-operation of Local Government and provide them all the facility they needed. We want to give them full belief them that they are part of this society and can have better future. For more details about them click here
Orphan Children Project
There are many children in South Asia who don’t have parents and had to work as labor for their survival. According to international  law child labor is crime but due to lack of food they had to. There are many other children who have parents but due to poor condition of family they had to survive  their life  as orphan. So we provide them scholarship,  food, clothes, shelter so they can have bright future. For more information about them click  here
Handicraft Skill Training Project
Many people in South Asian counties are jobless and are forced to move without any work. So we provide many training such as handicraft training, mushroom plantation training, tailoring training etc which had helped them to stand in their own feet and be self dependent. Many women are able to handle their family and take care of their children with their own job through training provided by us.
Uplifting of Suppressed
People in South Asian countries tries to dominate the poor and people of lower caste by higher class  people. They create different problem to such problem and give them mental pressure. We tries to uplift their life by providing education to their children, providing different skills training  to family member so they can earn of their own. We had organized different awareness program so people of higher class also can learn we should not discriminate other due to their condition and tell them all are equal.
Church Planting
We aim to equip and encourage church planters who are aimed at winning others into relationship with Christ. Masiha  World Mission started its church planting from 2004 and first church was built in Kathmandu. From that day we are growing as we have spreaded from Kathmandu to many remote places of Nepal where people don’t have church to worship for God. We had focused mainly in hilly areas of Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. We are now building churches in these places as people will be able to get together and get blessing from God. For more to know about church plantation click here

Scholarship for Children
Masiha World Mission arrange scholarship for the children who are physically disabled, orphan and needy children whose parents are not able to give them education. It is specially for the children of hilly and remote are where to get education is very difficult and children had to walk long distance to reach school. We try to build school in their area where they can get to school easily. We  had build hostel to such children who are  physically disable near by school so they don’t have to walk far.
Adaptation of Child
Masiha World Mission had adapt many children for providing them education, food and clothes. These are the children who are physically disable, orphan and needy children. We provide them yearly scholarship so they can get better education and have bright future. If any of you want to give these children bright future, to sponsor these child click here if you want to adapt any of these child and take their full responsibility then fill this form
Old-Age Home Project
In Asia Hill Tracts, intense poverty, political violence, famine, drought, natural disasters, animal attacks, chronic endemic diseases and poor maternal health care, all are contributing in turning a large numbers of an Old Aged person into helpless and destitute each year. There is generalized and pronounced lacking of health, nutrition, and caring services for indigenous poor helpless and destitute Old aged persons interfering their physical, mental, social and spiritual development and well being, ultimately leading to a uncertain and frustrated life. MWM finds such helpless old age people and give them better life in Old Age Home. For more information about it click here
Radio Ministry
Radio can reach to every nook and corner of the world. Even the illiterate can listen to radio and receive the good-news of the Christ. It is the cheapest media and gives you the costliest message of God. It can give massage of God in all the language spoken in the world. Radio set is very cheap and all the poor can afford it. Through Radio we had reached many such area where we haven’t reach till now. We had online radio which operate whole 24 /7 and you can download songs, messages, testimony,  stories and you can listen it in different language as well. You can know more about it here Masiha Radio
  • Youth Development

        Masiha World Mission is organizing different programs through which youth of present age get motivated towards the improvement their career and the future of country. MWM knows youth are the pillar of country so we try to give them different trainings and involved in different activities which will help them to build their career and had bright future.

    Adult Education

        Masiha World Mission tries to help adult who had worked hard in their whole life for giving better life to their children. Old people are unable to read at that age so Masiha World Mission goes to their village/ city and organize adult education through which they get education. Education brightens their thinking capacity and will give knowledge to whole family.

    Child Development

        We arrange scholarship to the children who are from poor family, physically disabled and orphan children. We had arranged hostel to the disabled and orphan children who were not taken care from their family and society. We are providing them clothes, food and education to these children which will help them to have bright future.

    Hygiene And Sanitation

        People in village don’t have the knowledge about health care. There were no toilet so people used to go in open area. We organize some programs for creating awareness about health issues that can be created by not utilizing toilet and by drinking water directly from river with boiling. Due to our awareness programs many people in village had build toilet. Such awareness program had help from decreasing diseases.