Our Network


Masiha World Mission Churches is a network of indigenous Nepali Churches that works together for evangelism, discipleship and church planting in Nepal as well as looks for an opportunity to spread the gospel through every medium possible. MWM is actively taking part in mission by encouraging Churches and its leaders, equipping them for the greater harvest in Nepal. We also work in partnership with other communities to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ from top of the world to all the way around. We are a non-denominational and non-profit, and we work in mutual understanding with other Christian leaders across Nepal.


With the key goal of spreading the Gospel to the corners of the country, MWM has established over 50 churches in 7 States of the country, Nepal,indie,Pakistan,And Eastern countries. These churches begin as small gatherings in homes and move to a building as the church grows. The organization is split geographically into regions with regional heads overseeing the work in each region. Under the leadership of Mrs. Joyce Abraham, the women’s ministry of MWM has flourished over the last many years. MWM has always propagated prayer as being the backbone of any ministry.


Bangladesh was once part of Indian province of Bengal. By the late 1947 it had become the Eastern Pakistan. Bangladesh is governed by democratically elected Parliament. The population is Muslim, Hindu and Christian. Main crops are Rice, wheat and Jute. Fishing is also a big industry. A lot of fish is exported to other countries. Dhaka is the capital city. MWM has recently started our activities and it is well programming in poor state of village.


Pakistan is an Islamic republic in South Asia. Before 1947 it was also a part of India. The land is fertile and mineral resources are plenty. On North-West side of Pakistan is Afghanistan another Muslim country. Pakistan has about 4% Christians but they are not much respected by Muslims. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. MWM is working for suppressed, poor people.


Bhutan is a Buddhist Country where it becomes difficult to Preach about Christ.MWM Visited Bhutan few years ago and started Working with Children and Pastors.In Coming Days Many more Souls will be able to Come in Christ and We can Help More Needy Peoples.