Gospel Media ( Voice of Messiah)

Gospel Radio Programme you can listen in any part of the world.

Achievements through Radio

Radio can reach to every nook and corner of the world. Even the illiterate can listen to radio and receive the good-news of the Christ.
It is the cheapest media and gives you the costliest message of God.
It can give massage of God in all the language spoken in the world.
Radio set is very cheap and all the poor can afford it.

Gains Through Radio

By listening the healing prays programmes, thousand of sick and helpless poor people, have been cured and you my be one of them.
sitting at home, doing your normal work, you can receive the blessing of God and remain healthy through Radio

Requirement of Radio Ministry

As you all are aware that for broadcasting our programme we have to sign a contract with Radio Company and pay heavy amount every quarterly. Therefore we need your monitory help and blessings. A small drop by drop fills the tank. You may donate any amount big or small, even you can become our partner in running the radio ministry programme
we need your blessing to broadcast and reach every needy person. For this you can also become our partner and help us in running the programmes.
To help the poor people we distribute free literature and Bibles. This material we have to purchase of quality only and for this we need monetary help from you all. Hope you understand our position, without your help success is not possible.

You can listen in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Nepali and English Online Masiha Radio
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