Leadership Programs

As on date there are many Leaders who have the capability of leading the men but they don’t have sources through which they can reach to unreachable people and serve them. Without these resources he/ she feels as handicapped. Masiha World Mission has taken a special attention on looking after such leaders. We reach such leaders who are staying at remote hilly areas, study their problems, after doing so, we guide them properly and in case they need financial help; we had tried our best to solve their problem. The result of our effort brings the sweet fruit.For any young adult interested in a leadership training program, MWM provides an opportunity not only to grow in one’s relationship with God, but also be shaped for ministry leadership through challenge, discipleship, and practical experience.

Youth Development Leadership Program

There are many young people who had the ability to be leader but due to some issue they had to stop their education or don’t have resources so they can’t get opportunity. MWM gather such youth and motivate them by organizing different programs, seminars. We help them in guiding them to do different work and some time help financially as well.

Caring for remote area Leaders

There are many leaders in remote areas who are so motivated towards their work but due to their family problem they can’t lead. Their main occupation is agriculture. They don’t have enough finance that they can’t even grow crops. So we provide different seeds, agricultural knowledge and fertilizers to them so they can grow more crops with scientific method of agriculture.

Micro Finance Program for Leaders

We are provide financial leadership training to our leaders. It is for the leaders who are not able to stand in their own feet. We teach them how to save money and develop their family standard. We provide them business network and give them financial support and give them tips to run business.

Looking after old discarded leader

Another activity of MWM is looking after aged old pastors. It has been practically seen that a pastor when becomes old and he cannot perform his job he is shunted out from the Church and he grows more old, his family member also discard him from home. With the result he becomes almost a beggar. MWM finds out such old discarded leaders and gives them shelter, clothes, food, medicine, etc also.
Help to poor and suppressed leaders
Our ministry welcomes to all the poor and suppressed leader to call us and we assure them that we shall extend our hand in helping them to our best. You may join us and we shall direct you, guide you and lead you so that you can work and serve the mankind the way our lord Christ did for us.