This is project for needy and orphan children who are not taken care by society and their family aren't able to give education to these children. MWM had provided scholarship and clothes, food and give better life to these children. Here we have some photos of these children of different purposes.

This is a very special project for us as we are able to give new hope to these blind children. We had started this project from year 2010 where we had 2 children now we have 14 children. Our aim is to bring more such children who are having painful life. We have build a hostel and kept them where we have given facilities as much as we can and want to give them bright future.

There are many families where they had difficulty in maintaining their daily needs. They can't handle their expenses so there are many women who want to stand in their own feet and help in their expenses of their family. We had provided them skills oriented training, education so they can earn and help in handling their family. We specially focused in providing training to the women from remote area, widowed women, and who are treated well in their family.

Our team provides different types of services through which we help many people to get rid out of the problem they are facing. We provide children education, distribute clothes where people don't have clothes to wear and distribute blankets specially in hilly area where there is cold and people don't have to wear anything. We had build schools through which many children are able to get education. We have also build church through which many people are able to get message of God.

We provide different training through our institute. We have provided training in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and UAE. We can provide training through online service as well. We had opened institute in different places where people don't had to travel far to learn. You can see our photos where we had given different training in our institute.

These are the churches MWM had constructed. There were believers but they don't have place to worship. They had faith that they will get a house where they can gather together and worship God. They were waiting for 10-15 years in hope they will get church to worship. But it was their dream only they don't have money to build theirself. MWM leaders reach to them and build church through the help of MWM after that their believers had more faith and are able to worship together.

The photos we had here are our leaders from different countries and different areas who are connected with us. Here we had the photos of different projects. We had very good relation with our leaders and we are providing good services to people in wide area within our network. Our leaders are working very had in providing as much as services to people.

These are the photos of opening ceremony of different projects. There are photos of opening ceremony of such as church opening, school opening, skill oriented training. These are the programs which we have conducted in different countries.

These are the photos of welcoming our leaders by local leaders according to their social culture. We had very good relation with our leaders as any leaders from other region come to village or their local area leader of that welcome them heartily.

MWM leaders had worked very hard in providing their best services and people very happy with our work. So local government, and other organization had appreciated our work. Here are photos where local government and other organization's handing certificate of appreciation to MWM and its leaders.