70Our organization is an international organization which was established in 2004 by Rev. Suroya in Nepal with self support and spread out its functional offices all over the remote areas of all South Asia with major application in village of Nepal and Pakistan wherever Rev. Suroya could find under privileged Minority communities. At present by the Gracious Hand of Our Lord Jesus thousand ofvictim have been assisted and rescued from their affliction and oppression. MWM operates through committed working staff of all ages, paid and volunteers indifferent capacities. The funding source to afford this needful operation totally relies on the generosity of Lord’s God rearing Individuals; we work here with the cooperation with suppressed churches and Local Organizations. However, all kind hearted and generous people of Lord are encouraged to participate in this great cause of MWM their support and pray.

About the Founder

MWM started by Rev. Suroya for the betterment of people all over the world without any discrimination of religion, caste and creed. It believes in cooperation with all NGO’s and INGO’s who are serving for the interest of humanitarians. It extends its cooperation also to those people who intend to devote voluntary for the uplift of pressed people. Those people who are working within us are devoted people enthusiastic and selfless.We work for:

  • Planting churches
  • Reaching the unreachable people of Asia and help them in uplifting.
  • Visits to villages and motivate people.
  • Help the tortured by society (Persecuted Christians)
  • Broadcasting Gospel Radio programme for all man-kind.
  • Opening of Biblical Training Center at various places

About Us

Organization Keeping the need of poor local people aims at progressive, humanitarian and uplifting the life of needy, suppressed, blind , Orphans and Social Justice to The society.
We aim High And Put In Our Best efforts to achieve our goals with our sincerity and Good Objects, people of all faith join hands and even volunteers come Forward. Cast and creed in no barrier to join us as Worker or Partners rather we welcome Rich and Poor Volunteers and result oriented Workers .
Our Aim Is To Reach difficult areas of High Hills Of Nepal, dense Forests Of India, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Pakistan and small huts of Poor to Uplift Them. We also Run small courses/ training camp in Which We give Training on Small scale Industrial Jobs.
We are sure that in the time to come we shall achieve great highs Ensuring Quality Of Our Work

Our Services

Youth Development

      Masiha World Mission is organizing different programs through which youth of present age get motivated towards the improvement their career and the future of country. MWM knows youth are the pillar of country so we try to give them different trainings and involved in different activities which will help them to build their career and had bright future.

Adult Education

      Masiha World Mission tries to help adult who had worked hard in their whole life for giving better life to their children. Old people are unable to read at that age so Masiha World Mission goes to their village/ city and organize adult education through which they get education. Education brightens their thinking capacity and will give knowledge to whole family.

Child Development

      We arrange scholarship to the children who are from poor family, physically disabled and orphan children. We had arranged hostel to the disabled and orphan children who were not taken care from their family and society. We are providing them clothes, food and education to these children which will help them to have bright future.

Hygiene And Sanitation

      People in village don’t have the knowledge about health care. There were no toilet so people used to go in open area. We organize some programs for creating awareness about health issues that can be created by not utilizing toilet and by drinking water directly from river with boiling. Due to our awareness programs many people in village had build toilet. Such awareness program had help from decreasing diseases.

Skill Training

      Many people in South Asian counties are jobless and are forced to move without any work. So we provide many training such as handicraft training, mushroom plantation training, tailoring training etc which had helped them to stand in their own feet and be self dependent. Many women are able to handle their family and take care of their children with their own job through training provided by us.

Theological Training

  • Masiha Mission provides theological training
  • Missionary Diploma in Ministry (6 months)
  • Discipleship Training (3 months)
  • Pastoral Training (1 year)

This training is especially for those people who wants to show their talent but unable to show it and are from remote areas.