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It is a humanitarian International Organization. We started this mission on 10th October 2004 at Kathmandu, Nepal. Slowly we spread our wings in neighboring countries and now with the grace of God we have spread it in India, Pakistan, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.We work through our projects and programs on need based issues relating to improving the lives of poorest and most vulnerable population including women suffering from poverty, children and communities for natural resources management, livelihoods, social justice, equity and development in diversity.We work for uplifting the blind children, orphans, persecuted people, Christian leaders, and old-age beneficiaries for standard life. We have competent staff to implement the result-oriented projects in quality for the benefits of beneficiaries on humanitarian basis. Our organization is registered with the government and abides by the law of Land.

Our Mission World Wide (Global Network)

Vision from year 2015-2025
We are trying to work with all those who aren’t getting any support and are weak. We want to work with them hand by hand. We want to construct 50,000 churches and support the leaders who are in need in Asia, Africa and European countries. We want to bring them all under one umbrella and worked with the vision of all and fulfill their vision. We want to set as an example by working together so we want all of us to join hands together and serve more people.

Registration for Affiliation with MWM

Please contact with us today and register with us in this project so we could work together and fulfill your vision as soon as possible.

Our Services for betterment

We work for the betterment of people without any discrimination of religion, caste and creed through development. We believe in cooperation with NGO’s and INGO’s to work together to serve for the interests of human beings. We extend our cooperation also to those people who intend to work with us voluntarily for the uplifting of suppressed people with devotion, enthusiasm and selflessness. We work for:
1) Planting churches. 2) Reaching the unreachable people of Asia and help them in uplifting. 3) Visits to villages and motivate people. 4) Help the tortured by society (Persecuted Christians) 5) Broadcasting Gospel Radio programme for all man-kind. 6) Opening of Biblical Training Center at various places

Save the Children

You can save the orphan, blind and poor children those are neglected by the people, Government and caste system in many parts of world.
Masiha World Mission exists as a child advocacy organization that releases children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enables them to become responsible and valuable person with practical assistance, advocacy, trauma counseling, protection of their lives from oppression and violence for restoration and rehabilitation in the society .

Project of Blind Children

These special Children are from the remote hilly region of Nepal. Due to disability these children are kept locked in rooms. They are often hidden away and never shown to the world. People of this community think disability is cause of sin and it is punishment from God. So, our organization helps them to come out and be a part of community providing them education in braille, shelter and daily needs of these special children. MWM is motivating all these community people that if these children get chance they can be better in future.

Needy/Orphan Children

There are many children in remote areas of Asia who are deprived of education, food and their basic needs. Their parents send them to work instead to study as they aren’t capable to provide them education. According to global survey many children used to died because of not getting food. It is difficult for their parents as they can’t provide food for them how can they provide education? We search these children reach to them in such area and provide them all requirements and try to give them better life with bright future.

Social Development Program

Our organization works for Humanity in remote areas and we are trying to provide them what is necessary for them. We try our best to help them through different skill training programs so that they can earn wages in respectable. Many women already have received skill training and they are fulfilling needs of their households as we make suppressed and neglected people self-reliant rather than dependent for balanced and equality based society.

Church Planting

We are focused to work in remote and hilly areas to plant churches. We are working where there other organizations and churches are not able to reach. We are building churches in those areas so that believers can get together and pray to God. There is more need of planting more churches so that the trained leaders of MWM have opportunity to serve the Lord effectively so many people can get good news of God. We want to uplift Christian leaders economically and spiritually.


Masiha World Mission is an organisation which works at difficult areas, on mountains where no other organization reaches to the suppressed people, looking after old humans, orphans and blind children. Our human network is so co-ordinated that where people need our help, we must reach them without wasting any time. We are running outreach ministry apart of all this we try to lift the leaders/ pastors who are very poor and need financial help.

Discipleship & Theological Training

MWM provides theological training
Leadership Training (Six months)
Discipleship Training (Three months)
Pastoral Training (One year)
This training is especially for those people who wants to show their talent but unable to show it and are from remote areas. MWM search those people who wants to reach in such areas give them training and provide services and take good news of God in remote area. We provide them graduation certificates after completing training and send them to serve people. For more click here

Looking after old discarded & Suppressed leader

Another activity of MWM is looking after aged old pastors. It has been practically seen that a pastor when becomes old and he cannot perform his job he is shunted out from the Church/ organization and he grows more old, his family member also discard him from home. With the result he becomes almost a beggar. MWM finds out such old discarded leaders and gives them shelter, clothes, food, medicine, etc. We are focused in helping older leaders to live their life with their will not being dependent with their family. For more click here

Help to Poor Womens and their Families

There are many women in Asia who are touched from their family and couldn’t raise their voice against them as they don’t have any skill so they can earn of their own. MWM Provides skill Trainings and Education to such Women who are not capable of Standing on their Own. And MWM provides Agricultural training too so that they can earn for their living and we are trying our best to give them hope so that they can also help for living of their family. You are requested to visit our page and we shall be with you.For more click here

Agriculture Project

      Agriculture project is for the poor people who are living in remote areas and their only job is agriculture. They face many problem due to lack of money and sometime they even don’t have seeds. And sometime due to climate change their all agricultural products get damage. We provide them knowledge of scientific method of doing agriculture and give them training as well of preparing organic fertilizer through which crops also grow well and health of consumer will not be affected.

For more click here

Micro Finance

MWM always wants to uplift the life of people. There are many people who had skills and are capable to do work but due to lack of fund they aren’t able to do any work. MWM provide Financial help for such people for Income generating programs like Poultry farms, Pig Farms, buying buffalo, and sheep’s and also personal Loan for the small business.etc. We provide them skill oriented training so they can earn for their living. We want everybody to have better life and who had done so we are proud of them.


Social welfare is such work as many people join hand we can serve many people. So to provide more service and providing better life to other we do partnership with the Organizations and with people who are willing to do ministry partnership with MWM for any kind of social services. We welcome all those individuals and organization from anywhere of world to join hands so we can help more people. We will not be just partner we want close relation with who join hand with us. For Partnership