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Orphan/Needy Children Project

MWM is working for the orphans, suppressed and needy children who are helpless and are unable to get their daily requirements. We are helping them by providing education, shelter, clothes and food. We want them to be educated and be self motivated so that they can have bright future ahead. We want to ensure their basic human rights and make them valuable asset of the society without any discrimination as we consider them strong pillars for nation building.

Women Project

There are many women in the world that had faced many problems from society. They don’t get chance to show their skill and go forward to lead their life in their own way as there are different rules from society, religion and countries which had kept their life in prison. Our organization is reaching up to those women and is giving chances to them and working for their rights. We are providing them different types of training to them such as tailoring, beauty parlor, old age education and livestock training through which they can uplift their life. We want them to live their life with freedom with becoming burden to anybody. We want them to be self motivated and fight for their rights and want to no discrimination between genders in society. There are many women who are toucher and problem of girls trafficking we fight against such social evil and want equal rights to both men and women in reality not just in laws.

Welcome to Nepalese Women Skill

The Nepalese Women Skill Project is a subsidiary women skill development project of Nepalese Women Handicraft. It was established with the objectives of women empowerment though sustainable development. To achieve its objective it has started training centre, where local women would come and learn how to weave, cut and sew textile. The Nepalese Women Skill Project was created with the aim of helping the neediest, and giving skills to poor and illiterate women. The Nepalese Women Handicraft manufactures bags, from the very beginning.

The Nepalese Women Handicraft has always aimed to employ women who are most in need. Certain criteria were established from the very start, and the primary objective of the organization is still to provide handicraft-related skills training to poor, unfortunate Nepalese women so that they may become self-supportive. The women being trained at the Nepalese Women Skill Project come from a variety of social, economic and ethnic backgrounds. Many of them come from rural villages and are widowed, divorced, disabled or abused; some have been cast out from their homes and villages. After arriving at the Nepalese Women Skill Project, they are provided training in the following disciplines: material cutting, sewing, weaving, dying, business management and various other skills related to handicraft production. There have also been some classes in health awareness and English language, all freely provided by local and foreign volunteers.

Thanks to years of hard work and dedication to their craft, the Nepalese Women Handicraft has been able to provide the vocational skills necessary to become self-reliant.

Our Projects

In every Country there are millions of people living below the poverty  line and they are called untouchable. These untouchable people are not allowed to touch any person of higher caste. They are even not allowed to take drinking water from the water resources or from the water-source. In case some untouchable touches a high caste man, he is shunted out from the village. Our Organization is to reach such suppressed people and give them a helping hand without discriminating between high and low race, caste and creed.

Our object is to educate such people and make them stand on their feet. We help such people through our Projects and Organized Programmes.

How do we reach our objectives.

We not only welcome the suppressed and poor people but we also call suppressed leaders and try to make them understand that in need we shall extend our help to them to our best of a leader in qualified and he is educated, he can lead his followers successfully and when he need help we look forward to help him, teach him and support him financially too.


Old Age Home

MWM is looking after old aged leaders and parent who had been discarded by their family. It has been practically seen that when a person becomes old and he cannot perform his job he is shunted out from his job and he grows older, his family member also discard him from home. Parents who give their whole life for the betterment of their children and treated so badly. They don’t give proper food and care they needed at that age. He/ She become burden for their children. Children use to treat them as a beggar. MWM finds out such old discarded old age people and gives them shelter, clothes, food, medicine and give them better life at their old age where they don’t have to face any problems. We are trying our best to serve as many as old age people and have better life in their old age where they had to face a lot of difficulty.
We had such story of some old age people who are sharing their story how they had faced in their old age, how they were treated and how they are feeling now:

There are many old age homes in Asia where the elderly people of ages 60 and above live the remaining days of their lives. Some of those elders are discarded by their sons because they are very old to be taken care of and some of those elders may not have children or relatives to live with. So they are brought to the old age homes which provide them with food and shelter. The elder person needs little bit of help and support in that old age where we have seen in majority of old age homes, the staff number is insufficient to provide care to the elderly people. You can provide them care, clean their rooms, cut their nails, help them in best possible way as most of them at their sixties or above may have some kind of illness or disabilities. You may not understand what they are saying but help needs no language. You will be given proper instructions about your work before you start volunteering. You will have a supervisor at your care placement who would be the main contact person with whom you will deal with regarding your work. The supervisor is there to help and guide you.

Why the project has been chosen?

In Asia Hill Tracts, intense poverty, political violence, famine, drought, natural disasters, animal attacks, chronic endemic diseases and poor maternal health care, all are contributing in turning a large numbers of an Old Aged person into helpless and destitute each year. There is generalized and pronounced lacking of health, nutrition, and caring services for indigenous poor helpless and destitute Old aged persons interfering their physical, mental, social and spiritual development and well being, ultimately leading to a uncertain and frustrated life.
MWM identified the following underlying causes of the above situation in Nepal

 There is no residential facility for the poor helpless and destitute an old Aged person at the place where they can live under proper care to them in peaceful mind without any harassment for their life.
 The family or care givers of the poor helpless and destitute an Old aged person or an Old Aged person himself/herself cannot afford adequate foods for his/her proper nutrition.
 The poor helpless and destitute an Old Aged person do not get health care services and remain untreated and maltreated for many diseases.
 In many cases, the poor helpless and destitute old Aged persons are often deprived of proper care, tender love and participation in – social events and spiritual activities etc as being they were neglected.

This project has been undertaken to address the above problem and its underlying causes. The project will ensure access of 30 helpless and destitute Old Aged persons in Bandarban to safe accommodation, tender love, proper care, nourishment, guidance, health service and other basic needs through establishment and operation of a sustainable an Old Aged home.

What is the specific area of NEEDS?

Specific area of needs to be addressed by the project is:
1. Foods and clothes: The family or care givers of the poor helpless and destitute an Old Aged persons or Old Aged person himself/herself cannot afford adequate foods for his/her proper nutrition. Because they could not work in the field, an Old Aged person do not get clothing as per their need. Therefore, the poor helpless and destitute Old Aged persons who will be given residential facility need to be provided with food and clothes in free of cost.
2. Health Care facility: The poor helpless and destitute Old aged persons do not get health care services and remain untreated and maltreated for many diseases. Which is crucial for their age. Therefore, regular medical check-up, health care should be arranged for the targeted poor and helpless an Old Aged persons.
3.Mental, social and spiritual development: The poor helpless and destitute Old Aged persons are often deprived of proper care, tender love and participation in – social events, spiritual activities. Therefore, these Old aged persons need facilities of nursing, recreation and socialization, so that they may be released from mental depression.
4. Sustainability of an Old Age home: Last of all, even after establishment of an Old Aged home fulfilling all the above needs, sustainability of the home will still be a major concern. Therefore, profitable resource generating programs need to be conducted side by side with the home activities for sustainable operation of the home.

Church Planting

( Encouraging Church Planters Around The Globe )


we aim to equip and encourage church planters who are aimed at winning others into relationship with Christ.
Masiha  World Mission started its church planting from 2004 and first church was built in Kathmandu. From that day we are growing as we have spreaded from Kathmandu to many remote places of Nepal where people don’t have church to worship for God. We had focused mainly in hilly areas of Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. We are now building churches in these places as people will be able to get together and get blessing from God. It is a very important aspects and people had right to pray. People forget about it and don’t have place to pray in their whole life. They hope for the place to pray but die just having hope and could not fulfill their hope ever. MWM had focused on such people where other people are unable to reach in such area. Due to MWM until now many people had been blessed as we had built churches in such unreachable area. And in coming years we want to work in different places in South Asia and in many other countries in the world.
We had constructed churches in different areas which are listed below about them:

Community Events

Church growth happens when you reach out into the community and interest others in what your church does. Do this by hosting events geared toward non-church members in the community surrounding your church. Ask your members to bring unwanted items such as clothing, furniture and toys to the church then prepare a weekend yard sale. Alternatively, you could host a community barbecue. Invite the community to enjoy the food, participate in games and get to know those who attend.


Local advertising can be done through a variety of platforms. Check into print publications, for example the local newspaper, that provide free advertising space or ad placements for a small fee to church groups. Advertise the name of the church, address and service times. Also include a greeting and invitation to the readers. Local Christian radios often offer a means of advertising to local churches within the station’s community. Call the station and inquire about advertising your church. Include the same information in the radio advertisement as in a print ad.

Five Keys to Effective Church Planting Evangelism

The purpose of this blog is to stimulate thinking and exchange ideas.  The theme is church planting evangelism.  What’s that?  Simply, it’s evangelism in the context of church planting that leads to disciples in spiritual families.  My observation has been that the 5 most common mistakes in church planting evangelism are:

  1. Church planting suffers when evangelism is only the first stage of the church plant.
    Often evangelism is the focus initially in church planting because there is no church and no other way to grow the church but from then on it goes downhill as we get caught up caring for new believers.  Evangelism is not a stage but the lifeblood of the church (Col. 4:4-6).  When church growth is lagging behind the first question to ask is, “How are we doing in our evangelism.”
  2. Church planting suffers when there is only one evangelistic approach.
    We see a diversity of means and methods used by the early church.  The Scripture talks about making use of every opportunity (Col 4:5).   The research of Grady and Kendall (1992) finds that more effective church planters 1) use broadly based evangelistic efforts, 2) are flexible in their implementation, 3) combine and integrate social activity (compassion ministry) and gospel witness. Those who focus on “the key to unlock the door” miss out – several keys are needed.
  3. Church planting suffers when we rely on the trained and the gifted.
    The trained and gifted should be equipping every believer for witness.  Kenneth Strachan of the Latin America Mission tested this theorem in Evangelism-in-Depth programs in many countries in the 1960s and 1970s:  Movements grow in proportion to the ability of the church to mobilize all members in the propagation of its beliefs. (Strachan 1968)  We need to teach and train every Christian to be a witness.
  4. Church planting suffers when we major on plans and programs.
    “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”  Most studies show that the greatest influence in people coming to Christ is the life of a friend or family member.  If we equip Christians to share their testimony and point people to Christ in the Scriptures, the evangelistic potential of the church is greatly multiplied.  If we stress programs some people feel excluded and we spend a lot of time in strategy sessions.  Programs make great supplements but poor substitutes to personal evangelism.
  5. Church planting suffers when the basics are neglected. 
    Prayer and the Scriptures are the Biblical basics when it comes to evangelism. Kendall and Grady (1992) list prayer ministry as the number one factor for effective church planting.  Surely this is because church planting is spiritual ministry and spiritual battle and our human efforts are useless without them.  Learning to listen to God, intercede for others and use Scripture to point to the Savior are the fundamentals. in church planting evangelism.  Many new ideas can be attempted. The question is: “How do they incorporate these fundamentals?”

    “Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks up at the clouds will not reap… Sow your seed in the morning, and at the evening let your hands not be idle, for you do not know which will succeed, whether this or that, or whether both will do equally well.”  Eccl. 1: 4,6

    May the Lord keep us sowing until He returns.

Leadership Programs

As on date there are many Leaders who have the capability of leading the men but they don’t have sources through which they can reach to unreachable people and serve them. Without these resources he/ she feels as handicapped. Masiha World Mission has taken a special attention on looking after such leaders. We reach such leaders who are staying at remote hilly areas, study their problems, after doing so, we guide them properly and in case they need financial help; we had tried our best to solve their problem. The result of our effort brings the sweet fruit.For any young adult interested in a leadership training program, MWM provides an opportunity not only to grow in one’s relationship with God, but also be shaped for ministry leadership through challenge, discipleship, and practical experience.

Youth Development Leadership Program

There are many young people who had the ability to be leader but due to some issue they had to stop their education or don’t have resources so they can’t get opportunity. MWM gather such youth and motivate them by organizing different programs, seminars. We help them in guiding them to do different work and some time help financially as well.

Caring for remote area Leaders

There are many leaders in remote areas who are so motivated towards their work but due to their family problem they can’t lead. Their main occupation is agriculture. They don’t have enough finance that they can’t even grow crops. So we provide different seeds, agricultural knowledge and fertilizers to them so they can grow more crops with scientific method of agriculture.

Micro Finance Program for Leaders

We are provide financial leadership training to our leaders. It is for the leaders who are not able to stand in their own feet. We teach them how to save money and develop their family standard. We provide them business network and give them financial support and give them tips to run business.

Looking after old discarded leader

Another activity of MWM is looking after aged old pastors. It has been practically seen that a pastor when becomes old and he cannot perform his job he is shunted out from the Church and he grows more old, his family member also discard him from home. With the result he becomes almost a beggar. MWM finds out such old discarded leaders and gives them shelter, clothes, food, medicine, etc also.
Help to poor and suppressed leaders
Our ministry welcomes to all the poor and suppressed leader to call us and we assure them that we shall extend our hand in helping them to our best. You may join us and we shall direct you, guide you and lead you so that you can work and serve the mankind the way our lord Christ did for us.

MWM started by Rev. Suroya for the betterment of people all over the world without any discrimination of religion, caste and creed. It believes in cooperation with all NGO’s and INGO’s who are serving for the interest of humanitarians. It extends its cooperation also to those people who intend to devote voluntary for the uplift of pressed people. Those people who are working within us are devoted people enthusiastic and selfless.

Never Hope my daughter will get education
I am Shanti Maya Gurung. We are very poor and my husband passed away before 7 years. I had 2 daughters both of them are blind. We weren’t able to give them education and their life were worse. We are thankful to MWM as they kept my both daughter in their hostel and provide them education, food, shelter and uniforms. One of my daughter got married 2 years ago and all expenses were done by MWM. This photo is with my younger daughter Endra Kumari Gurung and she is also now in MWM hostel. We are petty happy that we were totally unknown that our children will be able to get education. Due to MWM our children will have better future.

Masiha World Mission Ordained 25 pastors in Chitwan Nepal.
Rev. Matthew Suroya ordained the pastors. We need your prayers to Ordained more pastors. So we can prepare more people for the Kingdom of Christ.
Yours in Christ.

We have successfully opened our bible school in Lahore Pakistan and we will be giving training to Students for one year. The Opening ceremony was done by Pastor Ayoub Masih.